December 12, 2012
To: Whomever it may concern
From: Carolyn Flowers
RE: Testimonial regarding Delicacies by Verna

It is my pleasure to provide input about my experience with Delicacies by Verna catering services. I have used this business on several occasions to cater events at my home for business staff and professional associations.

Delicacies by Verna has provided full service food catering. Each event was well coordinated, with menu options being provided and decided in advance. There have also been an opportunity for sampling of menu items prior to the event. The owner/caterer, Verna Prioleau, has consulted with me on the types of ingredients and level of spices in the dishes. For the events, she provided set-up, decorating, service of guests during the event, and clean-up services. She does all of the planning, shopping and preparation. Her services have been comprehensive , it has been a stress relief to my busy schedule. Most importantly she has always been prompt for each event and ensures that she verifies the event details several times before it occurs.

As for the food, I have found her menus to be creative and innovative. Not only has the taste been wonderful, but the presentation has been extremely appealing and satisfying. Her beverages have also been a “hit” with my guests. She always prepares ample amounts so that the event is covered.

And finally the owner, Verna Prioleau, is a very pleasant person to work with. She is professional and friendly. She delivers on her commitments.

I wholeheartedly recommend the services of Delicacies by Verna. I know that you will enjoy not only the food, but working with the owner.

Carolyn Flowers
CEO-Charlotte Area Transit System